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Athletes, like most highly-skilled professionals, like to prepare for everything that they are likely to experience on the field of play, which is exactly the approach that we would advocate when it comes to dealing with the media. Our interactive media workshops are not about ‘training’ people to sound like robots or teaching them platitudes to churn out at interview and after interview. They’re about developing the skills and experience needed to speak in the kind of engaging, articulate way which will get them positive media coverage.
How many times have you cringed while watching an athlete unable to express themselves in interviews? The person you’re watching might be charming away from the microphones, but so unprepared for – and therefore worried about – what they might be asked that they mumble monosyllables rather than showing who they really are.
We run media training workshops for a range of different organisations and sports governing bodies, from Tennis Australia (for whom we’ve been running comprehensive junior player media training programmes for more than five years), to British Fencing and the International Tennis Federation. We’re worked with athletes of all ages and levels and used the experienced gained from working, hands-on – with media to help them understand how to express themselves more effectively and reach out to engage fans and media alike.

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“Young players need advice and support when it comes to media, which is why we asked The Emilia Group to deliver media workshops for us. They have so much experience of working with athletes in this age group and they really helped them understand how to handle interviews and get their personalities across”

     – Jonathan Jobson, Tennis Europe