The Emilia Group




There is no shortage of PR and Media Relations experts for you to choose from. There are even quite a few, like us, who specialise in sports PR. There are probably some who, like us, have been on the other side, working as sports journalist and broadcasters for national newspapers and global media outlets and so know what will get a response. Others will be small and nimble enough to offer the kind of tailored, bespoke strategic advice that we do. Some will understand, as we do, the world of digital and social media and why effective PR these days needs to be based on a conversation rather than a monologue. There will even be PR and media relations firms that have a contacts book as big as ours, with as many names, numbers and – most important of all – relationships that you can benefit from. There will also be some who boast the kind of battle-hardened experience and expertise to help you or your brand through a communications crisis.
There is no shortage of PR and media firms but very few can genuinely offer you all of that expertise combined and do so within a realistic budget. In fact, we can only think of one…
..The Emilia Group


“As a community sports organisation, we needed some help with our media and PR but getting in a large, expensive company just wasn’t an option. The Emilia Group is small and flexible enough to work around our needs and that suits us really well.”

     – Steve Riley, Director, Will to Win