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Digital media has become such an essential and integral part of PR and media relations that it is hard to imagine a world without it. We love the creativity of social media and the way it allows people and brands to engage with fans, customers and the media in an interactive way.
Of course doing this effectively requires a tailored, strategic approach, lots of time and specialised expertise, which is where we come in. Using digital content and social media effectively is all about having great ideas, an understanding of how to drive a conversation and a light touch. At its best, its the perfect way to get your message out there in a more human way, reaching out directly to your target audience – whether that is fans, media or customers.
Our approach is always to find ways of integrating digital media as part of an comprehensive overall communications strategy because no single communications channel is effective on its own. Each version of the message needs to interact with the other – just like people do.

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“We’re delighted with the work The Emilia Group has done in successfully supporting our communications team on social media projects. Tennis has a broad appeal across a global market-place and social media allows us to engage with and build our audience worldwide.”

     – Chris Archer, Web Editor, ITF